Why You Need Fire Doors?

If there’s one thing that every building owner should take seriously, it’s the threat of fire. Whether you own a commercial or residential establishment, there are many ways in which your structure could fall prey to a conflagration. Electrical wiring, the activities of tenants, and even natural calamities could all lead to a much-dreaded fire. And much as you would like to keep a 24-hour watch on your premises, it’s virtually impossible to be a hundred percent vigilant at all times.

That’s why passive fire prevention measures like the installation of a fire door and fire door inspections are so important. Safety precautions like putting in the right fire door and conducting regular fire door inspections help keep your building safe even during those times when you’re not there to keep an eye on it.

What exactly does a fire door do for your building? It’s pretty simple, really. A fire door is necessary to help control the spread of fire within a building. Since you can never predict when a fire will break out, you must do everything necessary to prevent its rapid spread in case it does happen to your building.

A fire can go from one room to another very quickly, and from one building structure to another. Nevertheless, for every huge and often tragic fire-related incident, there are many more instances when the growth and spread of a fire was checked by the proper precautions. It often happens that a fire is stopped while it is still pretty small due to the quick response of people in the vicinity as well as the safety features in the building itself. For instance, when a fire breaks out in full daylight, it’s often the case that a level-headed person near the source of the conflagration will make use of a fire extinguisher and put it out. Similarly, if a building has been compartmentalized by the strategic use of a fire door in certain rooms, The fire remains small and easy to put out because it is prevented from going from one room to another. Remember, the more fuel a fire gets in the form of wooden furniture, curtains, papers and the like, the bigger it gets. And the larger a fire gets, the harder it is to put out.

In order to ensure that your fire doors are in good condition, you should get regular fire door inspections. Fire door inspections are conducted by licensed companies. Fire door inspections are compulsory in many areas, such as Queensland, which is why you should see to it that your records of inspection are always up to date and following fire door regulations.

When these inspections are conducted, make sure that you contact a company who will send qualified tradesmen to do the job. These inspectors should be able to make minor adjustments to your fire doors during the inspection at no extra cost following fire door regulations. Be sure that you are provided with a detailed maintenance record as well.

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