Current Legislation vs Old Legislation

There are constantly new rules and regulations being developed and implemented in the building industry. These new rules are usually developed in an attempt to learn from previous incidents by increasing the safety of people and property. Fire safety is by far the most crucial sector when it comes to rules and regulations.

Mostexisting buildings (building Class 2 – 9) require routine inspections and maintenance of all prescribed fire safety installation. The state or territory the building is located in and the class of building will determine the frequency of the inspections. When it comes to maintenance of fire safety installations the legislation is not retrospective (especially in Queensland). In other words,

The building still needs to be inspected but the fire doors only need to comply with the requirements that were applicable at the time the building was first constructed and commissioned.

In light of the above, the legislation hasn’t really changed that noticeably in the last 4 decades. For example, fire doors in that time have always been required to self-close, the clearances surrounding fire doors have been almost the same (obviously a change from imperial to metric) and fire doors and door hardware was required to be tested.

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