Certified Fire Door Inspector
Scanline Fire Doors is fully licensed and insured to perform fire door inspections which are compulsory in Queensland. They must be inspected and maintained in accordance with AS1851, Part 17-2005 and therefore the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

Our inspectors are also qualified tradesmen which gives them the ability to make minor adjustments to fire doors while inspecting. This option can avoid the need to return at an extra cost.

Following an inspection, you will receive a detailed Record of Maintenance report outlining which doors are compliant or non-compliant. The Record of Maintenance informs you of the condition of each fire door. You also receive two detailed quotes specifying Critical and Non-Critical Defects, and what maintenance needs to be done in order for the doors to be compliant.


Fire Door Maintenance
Scanline Fire Doors has been in the fire door industry for 30 years. Our fully qualified tradesmen carry out repairs and maintenance to fire doors in a timely, cost effective and professional manner. Scanline Fire Doors work closely with Bodies Corporate, Building Managers & Building Committees to achieve the best solutions for your building.

Scanline Fire Doors can tailor maintenance programs to suit your needs. By working closely with our clients, we are able to prioritize maintenance to make it cost efficient and with minimal disruption to owners, tenants or guests. Our maintenance programs can be planned to suit all budgets.


Fire Door Replacement
Scanline Fire Doors carry full QBSA license without restrictions as well as full insurance to certify fire doors. For peace of mind always check the QBSA website that your Fire Door maintenance provider is fully licensed to carry out such work.

Upon replacing a fire door, the door is given a unique tag number and the building is also issued a Certificate relating to that door. The certificate shows the door specifics including, size, location, type of fire door, rating, hardware and the date installed as well as the building address and owner. This certificate should be kept in an easily accessible location i.e. Reception, and form part of the log book of the building. Scanline Fire Doors includes the cost of Certification of fire doors that we install.
Frame Replacement & Maintenance

Scanline Fire Doors provides a full replacement and maintenance program for metal door frames, hinges & strikers. As the metal door frame forms part of the fire door set, it is important to keep them maintained. Frames can be replaced using 316b Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Galvabond. Torn or defective hinges can also be replaced leaving a professional finish.

We are able to do on-site metal works with minimal mess & cost.

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