Fire Door Markings, Labels and Signage

All fire doors in Australia need to have specific information identified on them. The information is etched or embossed onto a metal plate know as a compliance tag (or more simply, a ‘tag’). Fire door tags are a requirement by Australian Standards – AS 1905.1-2005 “Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls”.

Fire door tags need to be installed on both the door leaf and the frame. The information required on the door frame includes;

  • Name of the certifier
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Fire resistance level

The information required on the door leaf includes;

  • Number of applicable Standard
  • Fire resistance level
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Name of the applicant
  • Name of the certifier
  • Year of manufacture

This information is critical when inspecting fire doors and also when undertaking any work on fire doors. Because of the strict regulations surrounding fire doors it important that we know the manufacturer, fire resistance level and year it was made. All of this information allows qualified contractors to work on a fire door without affecting the fire doors’ compliance.

Without a compliance tag fitted we are unable to confirm the doors integrity. Unfortunately, an untagged fire door either needs to have the core tested or be replaced. Both options can be very expensive. That is why ensuring fire doors are tagged is so important.

Exit signage is another type of signage commonly found on fire doors. Exit signage is fitted only to doors that form part of the buildings path of egress. They are generally fitted only to the side of the egress side of the door. However, the final exit door and doors opening into large spaces can have them fitted to both sides.

For more information on fire door signage call the friendly team at Scanline Fire Doors on 1300 302994.

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