Fire Door Hardware and Door Seals

In relation to fire door hardware and door seals, there are some key hints to ensure you get the security and practicality you’re after while maintaining the fire doors compliance.

All manufactured fire doors are put through rigorous testing with various types of hardware and door seals. These tests are recorded so that licenced companies know what hardware can (and can’t) be fitted to each type of fire door. Installing hardware that has not been tested or is installed incorrectly can result in expensive rectification work or even replacement of the fire door.

Most door seals consist of intumescent strips which expand when heated. The purpose of these expanding seals is to create air tight gaps around the fire door in the event of a fire. Regulations are very strict regarding fire door hardware. Every fire door must open, close and function properly at all times given there is no way of knowing when a fire will ignite.

The best way of maintaining your fire doors compliance is to only use appropriately qualified contractors. It is also good practice to ask lots of questions so that you are well informed and can make educated decisions.

Fore more information on door hardware compliance call our friendly team at Scanline Fire Doors on 1300 302994.

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